About Us

Mindset was formed by Dr Kirsten Keown, a Clinical Psychologist with a business background.

Kirsten set up Mindset to equip business leaders, owners and teams with psychological strategies that draw the best out of themselves and others.

Kirsten's early career spanned a range of roles across SMEs and multi-national corporations, from sales to credit risk to business ownership. Nearly 20 years ago, while working in London's banking industry, Kirsten realised that she had a strong itch to study psychology. She wanted to understand more about behavioural change and psychological growth . So she flew her itch back to New Zealand, where she spent 8 years at university completing a PhD and training to become a Clinical Psychologist.

Over the past decade, Kirsten has worked with hundreds of individuals and teams. She excels at motivating people to change how they think, act and manage emotions in order to achieve their goals. Kirsten founded Mindset in 2014 when she saw the value that her Clinical Psychology skills brought to people in business. She realised that she could teach leaders, teams and business owners how to move and motivate people, how to maximise personal strengths and how to maintain energy and drive. She saw that she could help teams to grow group resilience and pull together towards a common goal. And she could show businesses how to build cultures that maximise performance while fostering fun, trust and innovation.

Mindset’s development systems are based on sound psychological research and practice. Change can be be delivered via workshops, keynote speeches, 360 survey feedback and one-to-one coaching sessions.

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What's being said about Mindset

"I'm confident our team is now better equipped emotionally and practically to take on the challenges that lay ahead. I was personally impressed by your deep domain knowledge and enjoyed learning about how our brain actually functions. More importantly, the way you drew the conversation so naturally from theory to practical examples and stimulating discussion relevant to our organisation's change agenda was outstanding. It certainly provided me with a new perspective on how to approach and lead a group through change."

Jason, Head of Business Operations, GE Finance

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