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Mindset builds high-performing teams and moves business leaders from good to great.

Most business leaders and owners know that they need to focus on the “big picture” strategies that drive businesses forward. Typically, they want to grow their leadership strengths and connect people to a vision. They also want to coach and develop employees and help them to embrace change. However, leaders don't always know the best ways to achieve these aims. Their attention is often diverted towards day-to-day operations, staffing issues and fire-fighting. Competing demands can leave leaders and business owners feeling stressed and unable to perform at their peak.

Teams also face barriers to success. Team members often feel disengaged; in fact, only about 25% of New Zealand's workforce reports feeling actively engaged at work. This results in absenteeism, low productivity and high staff turnover. Issues with trust, accountability and communication often go unresolved. Workers who want to be part of a high-performing team become frustrated that their team members and managers won't pull together in the interests of a common goal.

Through workshops, seminars and individualised coaching sessions, Mindset helps leaders and teams to break through these barriers to success.

We give leaders and business owners the tools to:

  • Build emotional intelligence and resilience
  • Break through personal barriers to success
  • Reduce stress and gain control of time
  • Motivate and develop their staff

We give teams the tools to:

  • Pull together towards a common goal
  • Build trust and accountability
  • Communicate constructively and embrace healthy conflict
  • Become more resilient and growth-focussed

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What's being said about Mindset

"I'm confident our team is now better equipped emotionally and practically to take on the challenges that lay ahead. I was personally impressed by your deep domain knowledge and enjoyed learning about how our brain actually functions. More importantly, the way you drew the conversation so naturally from theory to practical examples and stimulating discussion relevant to our organisation's change agenda was outstanding. It certainly provided me with a new perspective on how to approach and lead a group through change."

Jason, Head of Business Operations, GE Finance

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