Workforce Resilience

High workloads. Change and uncertainty. Challenges at work and home. We all experience at least some of these issues in our working lives. While we can't always choose the demands that are placed on us, we can make choices as to how we respond to them.

There are coping responses can ultimately make the situation worse. These are the sorts of responses that mask the problem or alleviate our discomfort in the sort term, but that end up depleting our physical, mental, emotional or social wellbeing.

And then there are the coping responses that add to our resilience. The physical and psychological habits that build us up and boost our zest, productivity and openness to change. Here at Mindset we do more than just talk about these habits with people. Because the trick to resilience isn't just knowing about helpful coping strategies. The trick is actually using them and making them stick!

We help people to understand why they don't always pick the most helpful coping strategies. And then we equip them with tools to help them go from good to great. From surviving to thriving.

What's being said about Mindset

"I'm confident our team is now better equipped emotionally and practically to take on the challenges that lay ahead. I was personally impressed by your deep domain knowledge and enjoyed learning about how our brain actually functions. More importantly, the way you drew the conversation so naturally from theory to practical examples and stimulating discussion relevant to our organisation's change agenda was outstanding. It certainly provided me with a new perspective on how to approach and lead a group through change."

Jason, Head of Business Operations, GE Finance

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