"I'm confident our team is now better equipped emotionally and practically to take on the challenges that lay ahead. I was personally impressed by your deep domain knowledge and enjoyed learning about how our brain actually functions. More importantly, the way you drew the conversation so naturally from theory to practical examples and stimulating discussion relevant to our organisation's change agenda was outstanding. It certainly provided me with a new perspective on how to approach and lead a group through change."
Jason, Head of Business Operations, GE Finance

"Kirsten piloted the workshops in a manner that led the participants to areas of personal self analysis, self awareness and reflection that very few of us had ever experienced before. The one on one coaching received subsequently further reinforced and enhanced the respect I have for Kirsten’s abilities. Organisations who engage Kirsten's talents for the development of the skills of their people will build a healthy, vibrant, inclusive culture." 
Stephen, Area Manager, NZ Steel & Tube