Team Development

Every team has them: Conflicts; Competing priorities; Periods of change and disruption. These challenges always stir the emotions, and they always present opportunities. Strong teams grab those opportunities and use them to grow even stronger. Weak, disjointed teams get bogged and see their results suffer.

So what distinguishes the “dream teams” from the others?

Cohesion is important, but simply “getting along” is not enough. Psychologists have identified key behaviours that are exhibited by cohesive, high-performing teams. These behaviours are easy to talk about, but harder to implement. That's where Mindset excels. We teach teams the skills that build dream teams and we help them to embed those behaviours; to make them part of the team culture.

When teams operate at their peak, everybody benefits. Team members feel happier and are FAR less likely to move elsewhere. Team leaders gain more energy and time for the big-picture stuff. The business runs more smoothly and profitably. This raises the question… how can businesses possibly afford to NOT do everything possible to build amazing teams?

What's being said about Mindset

"I'm confident our team is now better equipped emotionally and practically to take on the challenges that lay ahead. I was personally impressed by your deep domain knowledge and enjoyed learning about how our brain actually functions. More importantly, the way you drew the conversation so naturally from theory to practical examples and stimulating discussion relevant to our organisation's change agenda was outstanding. It certainly provided me with a new perspective on how to approach and lead a group through change."

Jason, Head of Business Operations, GE Finance

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